Aquaria KLCC Feeding Schedule

Aquaria KLCC Feeding Schedule

Watch professional aquarists hand-feed the marine animals daily while learning about the significant roles these animals play in keeping their habitats in balance.

Aquaria KLCC Daily Feeding Sessions

10:45amGene Pool (Level 1) A variety of aquatic animals
11:15amOtter Den (Level 1 )Asian small-clawed otter
12:00pmAquatheatre (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
12:30pmLiving Ocean (Level 2)Flying rays
1:00pmW&W Tanks (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
3:00pmAquatheatre (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
3:30pmLiving Ocean (Level 2)Flying rays
4:00pmPiranha Tank (Level 1)Red-bellied piranha
4:30pmOtten Den (Level 1)Asian small-clawed otter
5:30pmFreshwater Journey (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
5:45pmCoastal Nursery (Level 2)A variety of aquatic animals
6:30pmAquatheatre (Level 2)Surface feeding

Aquaria KLCC Special Feeding Sessions

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

11:30amThe Deep Sea (Level 2)Japanese spider crab

Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

2:30pmFlooded Forest (Level 2)Arapaima
3:00pmAquatheatre (Level 2)Sand tiger sharks


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